Our superb location within the Science, Technology, and Business Park of Universitat Jaume I allows us to benefit from excellent facilities and dynamic, agile, and collaborative relationships with other groups working in the areas of health and new technologies applied to biomedical management and research.

Outcomes’10 is a scientific and strategic consultancy specialising in Health Outcomes Research, Health Economics and Market Access. We combine scientific methodology with strategic vision to design and develop innovative research projects.

Our commitment to quality has led us to seek methods for continuous improvement, which is why we have implemented an Integrated Quality and Information Security Management System. Both are certified by AENOR and IQNET. 


Strategic vision and scientific robustness applied to healthcare


Comprehensive advice and ad hoc projects

Our business structure allows us to work on a wide range of projects simultaneously and develop ad hoc according to each client’s specific needs. Our projects are characterised by creativity and innovation.

We also advise our clients throughout the project’s life cycle: from conception to sharing results, offering complementary services such as meeting management and logistics, graphic design and layout, e-health and translations, among others.

Solutions throughout all phases of the product life cycle


Creating projects that combine different visions

The Outcomes’10 team is multidisciplinary. We have professionals in the fields of medicine, biology, biotechnology, pharmacy, mathematics and statistics, who work within management, project management, consulting and research assistance. Our team also comprises specialists in administration and finance, and quality and communication.

  • Sergio Gimeno

    Administration & Finances Manager

  • Administration & Finances

    1. Catia Sales

      Administration & Finances Assistant

    2. Rosa Sánchez

      Purchasing and Administration Assistant

  • Francisco Pérez

    Associate Director

  • Associate Director

  • Miriam Prades

    Bioestadistics and Modelling Manager

  • Biostatistics and Modelling

    1. Patricia Carrera


    2. Daniel Pérez

      HEOR Consultant

    3. Belén Citoler

      HE&OR Consultant

    4. Carla Gari

      HE&OR Consultant

    5. Maria Soler

      HE&OR Consultant

  • Luis Lizán


  • CEO

  • Verónica García

    Communication Manager

  • Communication

  • Héctor De Paz

    Research Director

  • Marta Comellas

    Research Director

  • Health Outcomes Research

    1. Lorena Esteban

      HE&OR Consultant

    2. Paloma Rodríguez

      HE&OR Consultant

    3. Nadia Pires

      HE&OR Consultant

    4. Víctor Latorre

      Medical Writer

    5. Marco Hatem

      HE&OR Consultant

    6. Isabel Cabezas

      HE&OR Consultant

    7. José Portolés

      HE&OR Consultant

    8. Gabriel Ballester

      HE&OR Consultant

    9. Ana Causanilles

      HE&OR Consultant

    10. Elena Viciano

      HE&OR Consultant

    11. Héctor De Paz

      Research Director

    12. Laura Benedito

      HE&OR Consultant

    13. Cristina Vila

      Project Assistant

  • Asís Ariznavarreta

    Market Access Director

  • Market Access

    1. María García

      Market Access and HEOR Consultant

    2. Pilar Cabrera

      Market Access and HEOR Consultant

    3. Neus Vidal

      Market Access and HEOR Manager

    4. Ana Calvo

      Market Access and HEOR Consultant

    5. Alba Bellmunt

      Market Access and HEOR Consultant

  • Jose Luis Moreda

    Quality and Information Security Management System Manager

  • Quality and Information Security Management System

  • Clara Pérez

    Real World Evidence Director

  • Real World Evidence

    1. Rubén Roldán

      RWE Consultant

    2. Ester de la Cruz

      RWE Consultant

    3. Montse Pujadas

      RWE Consultant

    4. Javier Gómez

      RWE Consultant

    5. Marta Guillamon

      RWE Research Assistant

    6. Sonia Membrado

      RWE Research Assistant

    7. Sandra Herraiz

      RWE Project Assistant

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