Our services are based on the conception and development of innovative projects that generate useful scientific evidence in the market access and routine clinical practice stages of medicines and medical devices.


Strategic vision and scientific robustness. Comprehensive advice

We combine scientific methodology with strategic vision to design and develop innovative research projects. Our structure allows us to work on a variety of projects simultaneously, developed ad hoc and characterised by creativity and Innovation.

We advise throughout the life of the project from its conception to the dissemination of results, offering complementary services such as meeting management and logistics, graphic design and layout, e-health and translations.


Health Outcomes Research. Real-life data

  • Real world evidence / Observational studies focused on collecting information about pathology or condition, medicines, or medical devices in real clinical practice.
  • Preference studies
  • Development and/or validation of instruments to measure Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Perception studies of different stakeholders
  • Tools to support shared doctor-patient decision making
  • Development and/or adaptation of health outcomes catalogs
  • Patient Support Programmes (PSP)
  • Evidence generation

Health Economics and Market Access

Texto health
  • Value dossier
  • Product dossier/monograph
  • Economic evaluation and modeling (adaptation, de novo)
  • Interactive tools (Excel, App) and materials for different uses
  • Healthcare process simulators
  • Simulations of health technology assessment reports and/or elaboration of allegations to them.
  • Elaboration of arguments (objection handler) before different stakeholders
  • Support in the design, collection, and/or analysis of data in risk-sharing agreements.
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)


Training courses and conferences for patients, healthcare professionals and professionals from the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry on:

  • Health outcomes research
  • Health economics
  • Review of the evidence

Medical drafting

Preparation of:

  • Protocols
  • Informes
  • Reports
  • Monographs
  • Books
  • Scientific articles
  • Conference papers

Meetings with different stakeholders

Meetings with diverse stakeholders:

  • To establish the perception or reach a consensus of each collective regarding the topic of interest.
  • Strategic Advisory Board with health professionals and managers.
  • Using group discussion or consensus-building techniques including focus group, nominal group, and RAND/UCLA.
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