Health economics and market access


Comprehensive analysis

  • Value dossier

  • Product dossier/monograph

  • Economic evaluation and modeling (adaptation, de novo):

      • Budgetary impact.
      • Cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, cost minimisation.
      • Burden of disease
  • Interactive tools (Excel, App) and materials for different uses:

      • Procurement and administration cost calculator
      • Cost-effectiveness calculator
  • Care process simulators:

      • For the identification of barriers and improvement strategies for the optimisation of a care process
      • Proposal of variables, including PREMs, to evaluate the quality of the care process
      • Simulation tools to detect bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the process
      • Calculator of avoidable costs in the care process
  • Mock health technology assessment reports and/or the drafting of allegations to these reports:

      • Genesis
      • IPTs
      • Others
  • Preparation of arguments (objection handler) before different stakeholders:

      • Proposal of evidence-based responses to questions or objections that different stakeholders may have regarding a medicinal product or medical device
  • Support in the design, collection and/or analysis of data in risk-sharing agreements:

      • Definition of variables and collection instrument in risk-sharing agreements
      • Support in the collection of variables and subsequent analysis
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA):

      • Identification and weighting of criteria for the evaluation of medicinal products or medical devices
      • Facilitates the incorporation of criteria in addition to efficacy and safety, including the perspective of different stakeholders
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