SmartChronic: Artificial Intelligence in Chronic Care

18 Nov 2021

The La Fe Health Research Institute starts the project SmartChronic with which it will develop tools of artificial intelligence applied to the assistance of chronic patients.

Its aim will be to define and deploy integrated care pathways for chronic patients’ complexes requiring long-term care. “In short, it is a matter of contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of the health system and to the improvement of people’s health conditions and quality of life,” explains IIS La Fe.

In this sense, through a multidisciplinary patient-centred action, this project will use predictive analytic techniques and non-invasive monitoring, to determine the degree of fragility of each individual and optimise the medical care plans that each patient requires at each moment.

The artificial intelligence will serve to guide the decision-making of professionals and managers, as well as to improve the coordination, collaboration and integration of all the agents involved in the care of complex chronic patients.

The project SmartChronic is led by the Mixed Unit in ICTs applied to the reengineering of socio-health processes del IIS LA FE – La Fe Medical Research Institute Hospital and has received funding from the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació (AVI) in the latest call for innovation grants. In addition, it will count with the participation of Nunsys, Outcomes’10, the Polibienestar Research Institute of the Universitat de València and the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI).

The Outcomes10 team led by Dr. Luis Lizán, will be in charge of analysing and determining the really important aspects from the patients’ point of view, which must be integrated into a predictive tool, and they will be in charge of following up and monitoring chronic patients.

Our goal is to be ahead of the curve, so that we can be prepared at all times to meet the real needs of patients.

Outcomes’10 is part of the SmartChronic project to incorporate artificial intelligence into the care of chronic patients.

SmartChronic: Artificial Intelligence in Chronic Care

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