The incorporation of the patient into post-COVID decision-making

18 Nov 2021

Outcomes’10 holds a second Virtual Meeting

During the first of our virtual meetings, we were able to see how eHealth, understood as the set of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) used in the health environment in terms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, as well as health management, is going to be implemented exponentially. And where the experts referred to various initiatives that had already been implemented quite successfully, such as Telemedicine and home delivery of medicines

In this second meeting, the experts discussed the different initiatives that have incorporated the voice of patients in the evaluation and incorporation of health technologies in clinical practice. Patient associations highlighted the importance of the connection between patients and health professionals during this pandemic, and how this relationship will inevitably increase after the crisis period.

It also highlighted some of the aspects that are being worked on more recently and that can be accelerated by the current crisis situation, such as those related to effective assessment of health outcomes, trying to incorporate variables that really matter to patients. The value propositions of therapeutic innovation were also actively discussed, mainly in oncological therapies, with a clear focus on efficiency and safety, and minimal focus on other variables of importance to patients. And this linked directly to various proposals that put on the table the possibility of incorporating other criteria for evaluating and incorporating drugs into health systems

We also reflected on the change of model in the doctor-patient relationship that we are experiencing. We are moving away from the paternalistic model of relationship, towards a model of shared decision-making, where the professional will behave as an effective advisor to the patient, in which they jointly value the different options and make a consensual decision, taking into account the patient’s values and preferences. It was recalled that this model requires the development of short, synthetic and methodologically valid shared decision-making tools, as well as a more rigorous assessment of preferences that can provide valuable information in the consultation and at manager/regulator level (Conjoint Analysis).

Finally, the experts highlighted the great opportunity for change presented by the current crisis and how they expect the patient’s point of view to be effectively incorporated into the health system and for the results that really matter to patients to be taken into account in relation to their costs, i.e. achieving value-based health care

If you wish to have more information about the speakers or see the recording of the event, you can do so from the event page.

The incorporation of the patient into post-COVID decision-making

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